Friday 28 February 2014

Fezglitch Star Player - inducement option

It would appear that I have 110,000gp to spend on inducements. I have had a look at the possibilities  and I can afford to take Star Player, Fezglitch. I am short on numbers anyway so this could be an interesting addition.

We have not used star players so far - so this might be interesting.


MA4 (low but he moves unconventionally), St 7 (amazing), AG 3 (average), AV 7 (average)

Special Skills

Loner - Can only use a team reroll if a D6 roll can be passed (4-6 = pass)

Ball & Chain - Can only make Move actions. Place the Throw-in template over the player (you can choose which of the 4 possible directions to face. Move one square in the direction indicated by the D6. Do this unto 4 times i.e. his MA. You can also do this for GFI. No dodge rolls are taken. You Block any occupied square that is passed over (friend or foe) and keep moving. A prone or Stunned player is pushed back and an armour roll made. You must follow up. If Fezflitch is knocked down it is a straight armour roll as Stunned results are treated as KO'd.

Disturbing Presence - You need to be within 3 squares for this to apply. Any Pass, Catch or Intercept subtract 1 from the dice roll. The Dark Elves don't Throw much but ....

Foul Appearance - In order to Block Fezglitch a D6 must be passed. (2-6 = pass)

No Hands - Can't pick up or carry the ball.

Secret Weapon - At the end of a drive that this player has been part of - he is sent off!! This makes him a 'one trip' pony and no mistake!


There is a lot to consider here. He is unpredictable and does not play well with others. He will only be on the field for one drive. So - how to play him.

I feel that he has the potential to chaos. I would want that to happen in my opponents turn. He could go through a cage like a knife through butter. Anywhere that players are bunched up. His strength 7 means that he is nearly always making a 2 dice Block move. And his Disturbing Presence means that he can impact the Pass, Catch from 3 squares away.

There will be an occasion when the Dark Elves want to hold onto the ball on a long drive. With Fezflitch on the field  he could help to force the issue to get me the ball back.


Has anyone used him / come up against him in a game? If so, I would welcome your thoughts.


  1. If you can't afford a bribe, I would skip it. Bribes for you are 100K so I doubt you can afford one and him (I think he's 80k?)

    If you don't get to receive;
    a) you play him - Mike goes first, avoids him for the most part, scores early and he's out
    b) you don't play him - Mike does enough KO/CAS to your team that you need to put him on the field next drive, then he stalls until you only get a couple turns with him on the pitch.

    They are very very random - his movement is good but without block and against a majority S3 team without guard - you will find it hard to get 3 dice blocks. If he goes down it's game over no armour roll required. He also doesn't have mighty blow so for all that you could end up not breaking armour. Usually you want to hit players who are already down so it's just automatic armour roll.

    I would probably take 2 bloodweiser babes or an extra apothecary instead.

  2. Secret weapons can backfire badly, as T said.

    Having played Skaven quite a lot over the years, with 110k I would get an extra Apothecary to help keep the casualties down and keep your developed players

    1. Sounds like good advice to me. Thats the way I'll go. Thanks.