Tuesday 4 February 2014

Skaven after game 2

It was a great game on Sunday. I couldn't quite pull off the draw but it was another big step forward.

Heres how the team is developing: -

1. I managed to get my fan factor back up to 5. This will help going forward in trying to get the FAME bonus. I lost the 'Throw a Rock' roll by '1' - this was the effect of FAME modifier and the result was that I lost a Blitzer to the Dead box. These little things can change a game.

2. I rolled very poorly for cash. A '1' in fact, so it was only the minimum fold for me.

3. I lost a Lineman with an injury for the next game. This takes me back to 11 players and I really would like to have a reserve or two. I don't have enough cash to purchase another so I will just have to put up with it. On the up side this reduces my team value by 50,000. I may fall into the inducements arena for the first time.

4. I picked up a few SPP's. A casualty, a completion and a touchdown. All good and the nice thing is that were spread out across the team so that all the major players now have at least one SPP. This bodes well for team progression over the next couple of matches and its good to see the Gutter Runners moving along. I feel that they will be a real force in the near future.

5. My Apothecary saved my skilled Gutter Runner. I was very pleased about this, I can tell you. He has nine SPP's and could be the first to have two skills.

6. I gave the MVP to my surviving Blitzer 'Buto'. He had a great game and was very important in the second half when I was applying pressure on the advancing Undead team. This pushed him to 7 SPP's and gave him a new skill. To my delight I rolled a double and am going to chose Claw as his skill. This will mean that if I can roll 8 or more on two dice I will successfully breech armour.   In effect it turns the opposition into armour 7 players from his perspective. I am playing the Dark Elves next so Linemen and Blitzers beware! I feel a conversion coming on. Claws emmmm - I reckon its back to the bits box for me :-)


  1. If you get the chance, throw a pass with Hemlock to get him to 3spp so a touchdown gets him an upgrade!