Thursday 6 February 2014

Skaven Dugout building

I just love the idea of a sewer. I have never really got into Terrain building but the Orc Dugout was fun so I decided to go for the sewer option for the Skaven. I like the idea of flowing water and plan to use lots of Pva for this. The design is to have the main sewer at the back of the dugout.

The Dead area will have access to the sewer so that bodies can be 'dumped'! Loving this idea.

The KO'd area will have some kind of platform with an outflow and the Reserves area is yet to be decided.

First up was the construction of the main sewer. After some cutting and gluing we had the first results, not bad.

I put some card down the centre of it and loaded up the Pva for that watery look. I added a few bones for effect.

Next I wanted some stairs from the Dead area as access to a metal platform over the top of the sewer.

Then I stared on the central platform for the KO'd area. I also added an inlet pipe at the back with some fluid flowing into the main sewer. Through the main platform I created a low level outlet pipe and again used Pva for the fluid effect.

Then I measured out the size of tile required, cut them and placed them in a pattern to fill the space. The remaining areas were filled with square tiles prior to being glued into place.

What to do with the reserves area??


  1. reserves area could have a bunch of chains with collars? like the coach keeps a ready supply of skaven slave linerats to throw in as needed?

  2. Or lots of straw like a rats' nest

    1. I could combine both - Straw - now representing that will take some thought. Barn like - horses - stables emmm.

    2. some bristles cut off the head of a brush make perfect straw

    3. What are you trying to say - a brush - for me - lol.