Tuesday 27 June 2017

8th Edition Tankbustas

As those that know me will testify, I just love the Tankbastas. I love the very idea of them. They want to go out there and maul vehicles. It is so understandable and just so Orky! They have rokkits and rokkit pistols and tank hammers and bombs of every sort and of course my real favourite Squig bombs!

The Best!
There can be 15 boyz in the unit and you can add 2 squig bombs for every 5 boyz. The boyz are all armed with S8 Rokkit Launchas. They can swap in close combat stuff but I prefer to attack from distance. As usual the downside here is the BS of 5 meaning you need 5+ to hit. So that is an average of 5 hits per turn for the 15 boyz probably needing 3+ to wound but....

Each squig bomb, and there are six, has a BS of 2 and a range of 18". They are single use as explode  with the bomb. They have S8, AP-2 and D6 damage. Now that is pretty cool indeed and their deaths are ignored for the purposes of morale.

If we close the distance to the target the boyz can use Tankbusta Bombs with R6", Grenade D3, S8, AP-2 and D D6. Not bad for Orks and the D3 grenade is a big help to increase the volume of hits as is the D6 damage, especially against multi wound vehicles.

Da Boyz
The unit also benefits from 'Ere we go (re-roll failed charge rolls) and Mob Rule (use the leadership characteristic of any unit within 6")

The thing that really sets them apart though is the Tank Hunters rule. This means that they can  re-roll failed hit rolls when attacking vehicles. Oh yes indeedy folks. This really gives them an edge. In effect it doubles the number of hits achievable.

And for the Squigs .... they hit on a 2+ with a re-roll. In my book that is six guaranteed hits then. For shooting this is as good as it gets!

Now just imagine that there is a particular vehicle that you really want to take out. Weirdboy use Da Jump to move the Tankbustas within 9". Deploy the Bomb Squigs and throw the Tank Busta bombs. So what are we talking as averages against a T7 vehicle?

Bomb Squigs - 6 hits needing 3+ to wound so that is 4 wounds D6 should make it 12 and AP-2 should mean only a 6 will save so with 2 saves that is 10 wounds.

Tankbusta bombs - 5 hits, re-roll the 10 miss's another 3 hits, thats 8, D3 grenade should make it 16 hits needing 3+ to wound call that 10 wounds, D6 should make it 30 and AP-2 should mean only a 6 will save so with 5 saves that is 25 wounds.

In summary - No more vehicle - it is merely a pile of smoking metal with some very happy Tankbusta Boyz standing nearby taking selfies.


  1. I have a vision of you manically grinning as you write this! :)

  2. It's worth noting that only one model in the unit can throw a tankbusta bomb each shooting phase (grenade rules). It's probably best just to sit back in cover and let the rockets and squigs do the work.

    1. I brought 15 tankbustas and 6 squids to a recent battle. I put them in a battlewagon and was very pleased with their destructive capability.

    2. that's 21 guys and that won't fit in a battlewagon sadly

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