Sunday 10 August 2014

1500 point Ork Army List - the battle plan

So I suppose we must start with the army list. What did Zagdakka take to capture the communications array?

1 x Warboss, Mega Armour, Lucky Stick, Boss Pole (Zagdrakka)
1 x Painboy
1 x Weird Boy, Psyker ('Eadcrumpa)
2 x Mek

3 x Mega Nobs, 3 x Kombi Scorchas, Trukk, Ram
7 x Tankbustas, Nob, Bosspole, £ x Bomb Squigs, Trukk, Ram

15 x Slugga Boys
18 x Slugga Boys, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
20 x Slugga Boys, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

Fast Attack
2 x Warbuggies with Rokkits
14 x Stormboyz, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

Heavy Support
1 x Battlewagon, 4 x Rokkits, Kilkannon, Grot Riggers
3 x Mekgunz, 3 x Tractor Kannon, 3 Ammo Runts

Plan = Battlewagon contains the 15 Boyz, Painboy, Mek and Warboss. Mek number 2 is with the Mega Nobs.

Mekgunz would shoot the flyers.

Weirdboy would deploy depending on what skills he obtained, probably with the 20 boys.

Use the Battlewagon to shelter the 2 Trukks, march the boys up the board, use the Waaagh on turn 2, have the Stromboyz and Buggies arrive turn two. Chaos should ensue as we come at the Iron Fists from the front and rear. Simples. The footsloggers should arrive to mop up at the end.

Reality Check time.

There were no flyers.

We rolled for mission type etc and ended up playing short table edge to short table edge with the communications array right at the back of the board. In short a funnel with and extra 12"s of distance for me to travel. Nerves began to jingle.

I rolled for my Weirdboy and joy of joys Da Jump and Power Vomit! Giggling like a mad person I put the Weirdboy with the large group of 20 Slugga Boys and set them up at the back of the board well out of range, ready to Teleport behind enemy lines. None of that running malarky for my boyz!!

You see, Ghazghkull was right. 'Eadcrumpa had a 'special' purpose!! Ghazghkull knows everything. Never doubt the great one.

Below are the set-up positions. (Buggies and Stormboyz in reserve)

You can see what I mean about a funnel. The Iron Fists had purchased Tank Traps to stop my vehicles and then had Fortifications behind that. These were anchored with tanks on either end. The Fortifications were manned with Oblitorators and Noise Marines. Things looked very hot down there!

I got to go first and decided to go for it in a big way. I pushed everything forward and went for Da Jump straight away. I figured it would be amazing if it came off. I also checked my movement to allow the Killkannon to go for a big shot at the Oblitorators. Guess what - it worked!!!

I successfully teleported into position (no big scatter), then I successfully used Power Vomit against the Oblitorators, they lost one guy and made an unlikely save, I successfully used my Kilkannon against the Oblitorators and they successfully made an unlike save. What a start to the game. I was out of breath all ready.

But then I got spanked for being too ambitious. Unit wiped out to a man as I was surrounded and shot to pieces. At least they were not shooting at the advancing force.

My reserves arrived in turn 2.

But I was not close enough to support them and guess what I got shot to pieces. Again, at least they were not shooting at the advancing force.

Time for the Waaagh!!

I launched my footsloggers (the 'Ighlanders) at the Iron Warrior HQ on the Iron Warrior left.

And in my main thrust for glory, I pushed my HQ down the throat of the enemy. This was it - my time had come - or so I thought.

Noooo - the 'Ighlanders were cut to pieces first by shooting and then at the wrong end of the Initiative sequence. I only had three guys left to hit with. Dreadful.

My HQ advanced and cut down a 5 man unit and then I could not move into the next unit. I had to stand there to be shot at. This seemed so wrong.

So my 'Ighlanders were no more and a the end of the Iron Fists shooting I had 3 guys left in my HQ. The Warboss, the Painboy and one of the Slugga Boyz. Look how close I am to the communications array, but it seemed like those few feet might as well be a few miles.

Then the Obliterators and  2 Iron Fists units attacked in the Assault phase. Go Zagdakka - you can get there!!!

I looked like I was in trouble but up stepped 'Zagdakka the Unmerciful'. Utterly amazing!!

He saw off the Oblitorators and broke the morale of one of the Iron Fist units before finally seeing off the remaining unit. Then the Tankbustas arrived to get in the final act of the day - owning the communications array!

It was a great moment. The Painboy was invaluable. My Warboss was amazing. We had a real blast and a hugely enjoyable day.

The game has changed a lot!! Like a lot. There is much to muse on - but for today I would like to say a great big thank you to the Dark Tamplar for what was a fantastic Sunday. 40k - we salute you!!


  1. Nice looking battle, great pieces of terrain!

    1. Thanks - it was great fun. I particularly like the communications array which The Dark Templar organised. Especially as I captured it ;-)

  2. Oh superb! I bet you didn't sit down all afternoon! So in game two, you can start with another list or are you restricted because of the casualties taken?

    1. Your right - we didn't sit down, except for fish finger sandwich and chips at lunch ;-) The game took along time, 10am until nearly 5pm. So many rules to look up. Good question - we want to build a narrative story line and the good thing is that both leaders survived. They will bring their history / bragging rights with them and move to the next game. They will surround themselves with fresh forces, no restrictions. The points value will increase, I think 2500 for the next one and then the 4000 point big finale after that. The Waaagh will advance! Its good for the story line that the Orks won this one.