Thursday 28 August 2014

Da Orks advance

The time had finally come. The Mekboyz had been true to their word and the constructs were all operational. The main force would advance on the Forge on Saturday night and in the mean time Zakdakka lead some of Da Boyz into advance positions.

Over the last few weeks the Red Skulls had been building intelligence. This had been achieved by travelling the little known passes to get close to the Forge itself. Now Zagdakka was making use of this knowledge to get some of Da Boyz as close as possible before the main event begun.

The Heavy Support units would soon pound the Forge and obliterate it from the face of this planet. No fortifications would stand in the way of the Waaagh! 

The true prize lay beyond, the Mining Facility, and that would be next to fall.


  1. There's an awful lot of cat and mouse shenanigans going on at the moment - can't wait for the outcome. Perhaps we should live stream it just for a giggle, or at least have regular tweets!

    1. Sean Howells is going to come along - a proper Ork if ever there was one. I am hoping that this will give me a proper advantage on the morale side of things. Planning an outdoor game as the weather looks fine. As for Tweets - well now that is something new to me.

    2. What a cracking idea Michael!
      I shall attempt to remember to tweet the highlights mid-game…