Wednesday 6 August 2014

Da Orkz Iz 'Ere!

Zagdakka was leading the advance force. His time had come and now he would smash his way into the annells of Ork history.

He was confident that the Iron Fists were no match for the hordes of Orks that were descending on them. Too many had left Sakur and once he, Zagdakka the Unmerciful, had destroyed their inter-planetory communications array they would be unable to send word for reinforcement. Their survival would be impossible and the Waaagh would sweep the system. With growing reputation Zagdakka would lead them to immeasurable glories. The remaining Chaos Marines would be exterminated utterly!

Speed was what was needed. Advance quickly and crush any resistance.

Zagdrakka had used these tactics many times and contented himself that it had been successful, more times than not. One question remained why had Ghazghkull insisted on taking 'Eadcrumpa? Weirdboyz were too, well, weird. 'Eadcrumpa was a true Warphead, addicted to spewing Waaagh Energy. Zagdrakka felt he was unreliable and a liability - but on this occasion he had been overruled. Did Ghazghkull know something that he was not sharing? 

The battle was close, focus on preparations and deployment. 

Let the Waaagh begin!


  1. I can hear the gnashing of Ork teeth from here.

  2. This is going to be funny… when the Orks crash into the wall of IRON!

    1. Its harder to laugh with an Ork choppa planted in your head ;-) As you will find out!!