Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cybork Body - Assembled

Well now an evening with the 'bits box' has been productive indeed.

Cybork Body
I thought I might struggle to find an 'iron gob' having used a lot of them already but then I remembered the Nobs from Gorka Morka, the metal ones. One of the models comes with an 'iron gob' in-situ. I really wanted a head with a neck because the model only offered a flat spot between the shoulders, old style. So it worked well.

I used one of the Big Choppa's from the current Nob sprue. It is a two handed weapon so I cut and filed the second hand so that it was just a cube. I love this weapon and get little chance to include it in the army.

I added a back pack containing a gun and the Squig will give the model a little more height as well as adding to the overall fun.

I found some metal plates which I added to the front and laid a Stikkbomb across it. Always good to have one of these to hand.

I found some very Orky tusks and stuck them to the front and finally I added a space wolf back pack to the base.

All in all I am pleased with the result and looking forward to getting some paint on him.

May he rule supreme. I need to think of a name for him. All suggestions welcome ;-)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cybork Body - The Project

Some time back we play tested the latest Warhammer 40k rules and it was an excuse for me to get my Orks from the garage and throw them into a new fight. It was all very exciting stuff and an old friend from our tournament days paid us a visit, Sean Howells. Sean is an Ork through and through and at times as 'mad as a box of frogs' and I mean this in the best possible way.

He very kindly gifted me a piece of inspiration and it has been waiting for an introduction to the infamous Flavin 'bits box'.

I give you the Cybork Body - Howells style!

Cybork front view

Cybork side view left

Cybork rear view
I told you 'mad as a box of frogs'! It can be hard to make out but it is essentially Mad Doc Grotsnik  torso mounted onto a Necron body on an Ork Warbuggy set of treads. There are a couple of grots on the back with some home made bombs. There is no head, the powerklaw is busted, he needs a weapon in his left hand and then some liberal 'bits' from the 'box'. A fine project to be sure.

Now I also need to tie him into my own army.

I really like the powerklaw. It looks like he is giving the world the big old single digit. (F.U.) I think he needs an 'Iron Gob' and then a brute of a weapon, Big Choppa style and then what ever else I can find. I will need to work a gun in there too. I just love the idea of him.

Mr Howells I salute you and I hope to make you proud.

So to work .....

To be continued .....

Monday, 1 August 2016

The Gathering - Zombicide Black Plague

So next weekend is the first proper 'games day' for a while and Zombicide Black Plague is on the menu. A mouth watering adventure and we plan to play the newly released electronic scenarios. There will be three of us and plan is for each member to bring at least two painted survivors. Michael at 28mm Victorian Warfare is generously opening 'Awdry Towers' for the event and has been busily preparing Klom the Barbarian as his first survivor. He has done a stunning job on this amazing miniature. Well done sir!

My initial thoughts were to bring Redcap Rodney and Nelly the barmaid.

Redcap Rodney

Redcap Rodney is a Fatty killer for sure with his +1 damage and has proved to be a great addition early in the game. I have been trying to open at least two doors in the first turn and this reveals many rooms worth of zombies. All will be moving towards the survivors who are poorly equipped until they start searching. The first aim is to clear a square that will allow others to search and pray for some decent weapons. Redcap can handle a fatty even with his starting weaponry and this has been required on more than one occasion.

Nelly the Barmaid

Nelly is a speed merchant and I have been using her to open the more distant door. She can retreat to join the others. Her added mobility can often be needed to give much needed support or to hold a position and then run when required.

All in all I think that they should play well together and I am looking forward to giving them a try.