Monday 16 September 2019

To think like an Ork - Kommando style

I have spent the last few days messing about with a project. I know, we all love a good project. In this instance the DarkTemplar sent over an inspiring picture.

Inspiring picture
Needless to say this sent me scurrying into the garage for my' Ork bitz boxes'.

I just thought the idea was amazing. You can see how any Ork Kommando would think this a superb idea. I was hooked instantly. And so it was that I started to delve into the deep recesses of the 'bitz box' to find the necessary elements.

The start
Before I knew it I was hacking open a barrel and making holes and generally sizing it all up. I would have to make it all look credible. The arms and head needed to be in right places to make it believable and then the legs could be assembled such that a slow shuffle was possible. The 'low to the ground' approach. It was bonkers and very exciting.

Getting a good head was also an important feature. You needed to know there was an Ork in there so no helmets allowed.

I chose an open mouthed head with visible eyes and got to painting. I wanted the hole at the front to be just big enough to see flesh, eye and teeth.

He had instant personality and so I got to thinking about who this character might be. The story of Ned Kelly the famous Australian bushwhacker came to mind. Ned had a final shoot out with police in which, when they finally captured him, he was wearing a home made, bullet proof, set of armour.

Ned Kelly amour suit
Suddenly my Kommando had an accent. He was saying 'ga day mate' a lot and I contemplated calling my new buddy Ned. But well an Ork called 'Ned'? I'm not sure.

Anyway I thought to myself that any Ork of standing would insist that the barrel be painted red - everyone knows 'red ones go faster' and so I set about introducing a bit of colour.

It has been a joyful project and its one of the things about this hobby that really makes my juices flow. A mad idea that you just have to throw yourself into. He will be on a battlefield near me very soon!

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