Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ghazghkull in Da House

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka (Ghaz to his mates) strode across the broken piles of mechanisation that had once been the advance party of the Dark Templar Marines. Broken pieces of Annihilator, crushed under the weight of his boots. Ghazghkull was here and this could only mean one thing....

Ghazghkull Thrakka

The new Space Marine Codex comes out on Saturday. There will be marines to kill - Oh Yes.

I do hope you all appreciate my take on Dark Templar purple, and I can confirm that Annihilator's make such wonderful 'door mats'!

Friday, 21 July 2017

A very Orky project - Da Grotz

The word was out. The latest Ork innovation had been a tremendous success. Oh yes, the Usain Bolt's of the Gretchin world had been let loose and they had given the Squig's a run for their money. A new breed of Kamikaze Grot was now a major part of the Loota's arsenal.

In our latest game I was found wanting as I only have two Squig models. I love them both but I needed six. As a temporary measure, I swapped in four gretchin models and I was good to go. The Dark Templar thought this was good fun and suggested - "That can be your next project, Kamokaze Grot's". A fabulous idea and as soon as the game was over I scurried off to the 'Bitz' box to see what I could unearth. I am seldom disappointed by the famous 'Bitz' box.

I identified suitable gretchin models and went in search of some big old bombs to strap on their backs. It wasn't long before I was gluing stuff together and giggling as the assembly took shape. I do love this hobby.

So after much work and merriment I can now present my first four Kamokaze Grot's! They are coming along nicely and bring a huge smile to the face.

Da Grotz
An they do look good on the board :-)

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Its choppa time!

Last night we played our first game of Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition. The Dark Templar brought his infamous Dark Templar marines to the table and I dusted off my trusty Orks. He has been building this army for as long as I have known him.

My Orks
I brought 30 Boyz, 30 Stormboyz, 15 Lootas in a Battlewagon along with a Warboss. Nothing complicated so that we could get a feel for the game.

It wasn't long before I was using my chopper like a can opener on those lovely shiny marines.

30 Stormboyz will make a mess alright
To be fair we were just messing around. This is not the 40k we are used to at all! We were learning the new rules and unlearning everything we thought we knew and still making tonnes of errors. Our dice rolling was also shockingly poor, I mean seriously!

It was good fun but it did feel odd.

A picture speaks a thousand words
 How did it work out? Take a good look at the picture and judge for yourself. A satisfactory collection of heads to be sure.