Friday 21 July 2017

A very Orky project - Da Grotz

The word was out. The latest Ork innovation had been a tremendous success. Oh yes, the Usain Bolt's of the Gretchin world had been let loose and they had given the Squig's a run for their money. A new breed of Kamikaze Grot was now a major part of the Loota's arsenal.

In our latest game I was found wanting as I only have two Squig models. I love them both but I needed six. As a temporary measure, I swapped in four gretchin models and I was good to go. The Dark Templar thought this was good fun and suggested - "That can be your next project, Kamokaze Grot's". A fabulous idea and as soon as the game was over I scurried off to the 'Bitz' box to see what I could unearth. I am seldom disappointed by the famous 'Bitz' box.

I identified suitable gretchin models and went in search of some big old bombs to strap on their backs. It wasn't long before I was gluing stuff together and giggling as the assembly took shape. I do love this hobby.

So after much work and merriment I can now present my first four Kamokaze Grot's! They are coming along nicely and bring a huge smile to the face.

Da Grotz
An they do look good on the board :-)


  1. I bet these guys are a blast, literally! :)

    1. I love you man, you make me laugh wither its reading your blog or your comments. I like your brain.

  2. I will no doubt get to see these up close!