Saturday 9 August 2014

Ork Horde Assembled

The night before the first strike and the Orks commenced landing the advance force. Great care was required to move units into position from whence the Waaagh could be launched.

The approach to the communication array was narrow so great consideration had been given as to which units would form the advance party. These would now be manoeuvred into position.

Wierdboy 'Eadcrumpa didn't care - he could feel the Waaagh Energy building as a mixture of excitement and thrill filled the Orks around him. He knew that very soon he would filled with that Energy and would have only one option - use his powers - release the searing energy in destructive blasts and waves. He yearned to have the Energy flowing through him  It would not be long now, however this time it would be different. 

Ghazghkull himself had charged him with a mission of particular importance. He must maintain control. He must, he must ...... but as the waves of Waaagh Energy continued to build he could sense that feeling of complete euphoria that only a true Warphead experiences. He swooned and let another wave of Energy cruise through his body. He had not asked for this responsibility. There was so much more joy in letting the Energy flow - but not this time. He reached deep inside for control. What would the morning bring?


  1. I have no idea where you guys are going to get a table big enough to play this game on.

    1. That's a jolly good point! Awesome collection Bull, have a great day!

    2. lol - I can only field about a quarter of the models for this game. However we are due to have a 4000 point game in the near future and I think I will need two boards for that. I sense a trip to the DIY shop coming on :-)

  2. Play it on the lawn! Great looking army dude!