Thursday 13 February 2014

Games Workshop Technical paints

Between buying cards and flowers and all that Valentines stuff (I think the whole world was shopping at lunch time today) I made a fruitful visit to the Games Workshop and had a very interesting conversation re their Technical paints.

They are more than just paint with some having texture and others that crack when dry - very interesting indeed and I can see that they would be very good for creating the effects required when terrain building. Its worth a chat to the GW guys if you have not done so already.

I bought two - 'ardcoat and Nurgles Rot. I have applied them to the Skaven Dugout and achieved some decent results. Especially the 'ardcoat which is a brush on gloss effect. I have it on the gloop in the pipe and it is giving a nice watery sheen. I have using the Nurgles Rot to seep from some of the cracks on the terrain.

Thanks for the recommendations guys. Forever learning.

According to ebay my next project is 'in the post'. I have purchased some drummers for the orcs. Well 4 to be exact. Should be a fun addition. I wonder if they will arrive tomorrow?


  1. Would like some close ups of the nurgles rot. interested to see how it looks on your pipe.

    I'm sure it was probably just for shopping convenience - but I would definitely recommend getting a generic glossy varnish from a craft store - much more and much cheaper. The GW water effects is pretty decent though.

    I had bought a bunch of army painter sprays because I'd had issues with the krylon stuff I'd bought recently - but recently bought a bunch of krylon on sale at a hardware store and the results are much better than previous. Makes a big difference from price $20 to <$4.

    1. I came across this earlier and thought you might be interested. It is a tutorial about applying Nurgles Rot. Looks good in the craters.

    2. Yes, I've gone through all of the tutorials after Dragkon at varcan cluster has shown them working so well. To be honest this was one of the worst tutorials as I didn't find the lighting very helpful to get a really good impression of how it looks. It's also possible the paint scheme of the miniature selected didn't help either. Would still love to see some close up pics of the pipes.

    3. OMG the lighting is terrible on that vid, can't see what's going on at all.

  2. You can create most of these effects with traditional media. You don't need a fancy and expensive GW paint to achieve it, they're just a shortcut.