Tuesday 18 February 2014

I can see!

I have just had a present delivered and I have my good lady wife to thank for the gift. It is a magnifying glass surrounded by a daylight lamp to help me with all this new painting activity.

I have just given it a bit of trail run and it is superb. You can see the detail on the models so much easier. Eyes have been transformed - obviously it is still just as hard to get the paint in the right place, but at least I can see where the issues are now.

The trick is to hold the model back from the glass. This is good because you have plenty of room to operate the paint brush.

No doubt I will learn a lot over the new few days but this is a fantastic addition to the hobby area.

The more keen eyed amongst you will notice that I found my Painboy and a Banner wielding nob! The Orcland Raiders will be an off field force to be reckoned with.

I have also put an order in for ..... goblin stretcher bearers.

They are so cool!!!! Can't wait for them to arrive - the magnifying glass has been a timely purchase indeed.


  1. I would use the magnifying glass bit sparingly – I borrowed one a while back and became utterly reliant on it to the point I couldn't paint without it. The daylight bulb will be essential though. Nice one.

    1. Thx for the tip - my eyes have been poor for a while - especially on the detail. I have relied on taking pictures with the iPad and then looking at them enlarged on the computer to help me out. I reckon it is an age thing. Young = no skill. Old = no eyes. Grrrrr :-)

    2. I think the light alone will help a lot with that.