Wednesday 5 February 2014

Game review and new project

Well I have had the chance to update the roster and customise my Blitzer in readiness for the next challenge. He seems to be right at home despite his rather large protrusion ;-)

I have had some deliberation time and it is obvious to me that the reason we lost was lack of fan support. Well what can you expect playing in the Orcland Raider stadium? Its the travel distance you see - no home advantage. And also - the rats don't like the light and the grass. This is serious and must be rectified.

So this evening a new construction project has begun!

Now where do rats live - well the sewer of course! Oh yes - bring it on. Home field advantage, those Darkside Darkblades will have no answer for this. Lets take them underground to the stench filled atmosphere that the rats are used to.

Astro granite - the playing surface!! No more Mr Niceguy.


  1. amazing - there is lots of great stuff all over the web for making your own pitch.
    do some googling, it will be worth it. talkfantasyfootball is probably the first stop I would make.

  2. Hiding in the sewers won't save you!