Thursday 27 February 2014

Blood and Gutz

Had some fun last night throwing some paint onto the goblin orderlies. White can be a really difficult colour but the up side is that it really stands out. I brought this up in layers from brown and the result is ok. I used a shade wash around the edges and was particularly useful in pulling out the knots on the stretcher. White works particularly well with splashes of red blood.

McMourning hollered - 'bring me a new one'. So off they went to find another victim with their blood splattered stretcher.

The models are very comedic and make for a completely zany addition. I love them.

They both have their tongues hanging out and look suitably 'spaced' with mad eyes. I imagine them as slavering lunatics addicted to blood and gore. Lets face it, in the world of Blood Bowl they would fit right in. They make a wonderful addition to the Orcland Raider entourage.

The Skaven will be borrowing them on Saturday so lets hope they will be busy ferrying Dark Elves to their new dugout!