Saturday 8 February 2014

Skaven Dugout Progress

Been a good morning on the construction and painting front. I have gone for a 'nest' type look to the Reserves area.

Between the rain showers I managed to get outside and throw some base paint on dugout. I then went for that shadow blue colour and the main stay.

I went for a green type colour for the fluid.

I added a few highlights in lighter greens and even some whites attempting to give a directional flow feel. I plan to hit it hard with ink and then cover it all again in pva so that it glistens. We will have to see how it works out.

I have gone for a dirty brown colour in the Dead area and a 'straw like' feel to the Reserves. Lots still to do. loads of detail to be added. However it has started out well.

This afternoon its Ireland v Wales in rugby. Huge match! Come on Ireland.


  1. really starting to come together man - amazing progress.

    1. Really enjoying it at the moment. It does make a difference to have all the ancillary bits and bobs.

  2. A labour of love really bearing fruit! This is coming together brilliantly and looks like the sort of thing you will continually add to as your season progresses. I had something similar once and every time a player was killed I put another hash mark on the wall of the "dead and injured" section!

    You might consider a few skaven themed advertising banners on the wall of the pipe to give it some other colours. All faded, torn and tatty of course!

    Loving it!