Monday 24 February 2014

Hakflem Skuttlespike - Skaven Star Player

Over the last few weeks I have been 'playing' with this model. He is a 3rd edition version and my guys are second edition but he still looks pretty cool.

He is expensive in the game at 200,000gp with base stats of MA9, ST3, AG4, AV7. His skills are Loner, Dodge, Extra Arms, Prehensile Tail, Two Heads.

Prehensile tail - opponent must subtract 1 from their dodge roll.

Extra Arms - add one to the dice roll when picking the ball up

Dodge - a Dodge reroll

Loner - has a 50 / 50 chance to use team rerolls

Two heads - add one to dice rolls when dodging (makes him AG5 when dodging)

What this results in is a player who is good at picking up the ball and excellent at dodging The MA9 and AG4 means he has the speed and agility of a Gutter Runner, ST3 means he has the strength of a Blitzer. Quite a weapon.

Here he is under lights and through the scope.

He has been great fun  to paint and there is a tremendous amount of detail. The scope and extra lighting has been a great help to see this and then pick some of it out.

I always found eyes to be a problem. The scope is really helping me on this front as is the GW Technical white paint. It has a consistency that means you can apply a really small white dot much more easily. I really recommend that people try it out.

Anyway - a small bit more work to do on him - but a great addition to the team.


  1. Great job. I love the bloodbowl range they are all so characterful well the metal's anyway.

  2. Cool indeed! Two heads are always better than one!