Friday 21 February 2014

Through the looking glass

And as if by magic - I took the Painboy under my new light and pictured him through the magnifying glass.

What a difference - this does him justice. It takes away the shade issues and you can really see him properly. Thanks for the tip guys.

Now I will need to figure out how to do this without doing the one hand hold, together with the one hand photo taking. Not very easy to master I can tell you!

I feel a mini photo studio coming on.


  1. he looks fantastic.
    I pledged for the FOLDIO kickstarter photo studio - can't wait for it - gonna be updating a lot of photos.
    If you wanna make your own cheap - check out - he's painting my converted flesh tearers and there is a little lightbox tutorial on his blog somewhere.

  2. I'll show you how to make a photo booth when I'm down next week.