Wednesday 12 February 2014

Dry brushing

I have been putting it off because I wasn't really sure how to tackle the dry brushing. All the advice was to use this technique to 'knock back' the strong blue. Well last night I thought to myself that the time had come. I mixed up some of the blue with some grey and started.

Didn't like the outcome. Then I added some white and went at it again. Didn't like the outcome. Then I just went for it! Bold strokes and some dabbing. While I was at it I added loads of colour to the gloop in the pipe and then a red ink and put some white splotches in for luck.

Anyway it was all very new to me and it was fun. Its a lot less blue now :-)

I was thinking that it must be good to do one of those oil paintings where you are using a knife to apply the paint. Lots of texture and boldness in the application of colour.

I think thats one of the nice things about the hobby. You find yourself doing new things and learning as you go.


  1. the pipe goop looks absolutely fantastic pal - great job.

    perhaps a few coats of brush on gloss varnish would really make it shine (I think I already recommended a GW technical paint, but you can buy large generic gloss varnish at craft/hobby stores and is very handy)

    1. Thx. Your right it needs that glossy look. I feel another trip to Hobbycraft coming on.

  2. I think we need to have a hobby day sir, and we can try out all these large scale techniques.

  3. Great stuff indeed - top notch!