Sunday 9 February 2014

Skaven Dugout on track

Its been a good day for the hobby. I have spent some time on the skaven dugout and finally put some models in it. I think it will look good good on the next games day. I have the Reserves suitably chained up and waiting for the instruction to get out there and do the business.

For me, its still a bit too Blue. I intend to put a big scoreboard behind it so this should help but ..... I am having the feeling that I will change something. I like the stable area and McMourning coffin area. It was a great suggestion to put some advertising behind the KO'd area. I like it very much and it breaks the whole areas up. Slazenger and Hertz - I will never look at them the same again :-)

I have also been working on my orc cheerleader. So small, but so lovely. It is so difficult to get the detail right and I am finding it good to take pictures on the iPad and then look at where I have issues. So much bigger in the photos. My wife, Sue,  has suggested one of those magnifying glasses under a light. Might be worth thinking about. Anyway I like this babe a lot. She still a name ?

Bull obviously agrees! I do like a male that knows what he wants.

I would like to thank everyone for your constructive contributions. It has been great to see your ideas and then build them into the final model. Thanks guys I really appreciate your input. I do love the hobby and the proactive way that people are prepared to contribute.


  1. You just need to drybrush some lighter shades on the blue and browns. That will stop it looking so flat and intense.

  2. Drybrushing would certainly be the way to go and lots of lovely orkish goo!

  3. Thanks for the advice - I will have a play and see how it goes.

  4. The new GW technical paints might help - nurgle's rot could really make the goop in the pipe look better. I would also consider using greyish colour as a drybrush over the blue.

    Next dugout(s) should include built in turn and reroll tracks :)