Saturday 1 February 2014

Blood Bowl Anticipation

Yes sports fans - we are just one day away from the much anticipated Gutchewers v's the Boomtown Rats here in the Orcland Raider stadium.

You will note that a few sponsors have been found which will hopefully improve the cash-flow situation which has been pretty poor thus far. The Rats have a reduced Fan Factor for this game so will be relying for some good dice rolling.

The news scoreboard is up - although I feel certain that a more professional job could have been done. Daubing 'Uz' and 'Dem' on the wall is one way to go but surely having the actual team names on the board would be much better. Orc's! Humph!

The Dwarf Referee has arrived - hopefully there will be a little less zeal when it comes to blowing the whistle for the next game.

The Rats were out for a good training session today. Thankfully they are all fit and ready to go.

The team has been joined by a new Lineman 'Acrid the Despoiler' and he has taken the number 12 jersey. (Seen here with Coach Bullcher before joining the team on the field).

Mc Mourning and the Nurses are in readiness. They did a fine job in the last game keeping the Rats up to strength.

I see good old Maximus is still chasing rats. Lets hope thats the last one seen in the dugout for some time to come.

Roll on Sunday and let the fun begin.


  1. Cant wait to see the telecast on my CabalVision!

  2. all looking great man - all the little details really bring it all together.

    1. They sure do - thx for your guidance mate. It has been a blast thus far.