Wednesday 29 January 2014


I am really getting into the swing of things now. I had a great email from the Darktemplar last night that inspired me to get stuck into the creation of a scoreboard.

It's funny when you apply the mind to a problem so many possibilities gush forth. I had all kinds of complex ideas but in the end went for the simple solution. Its basically a cardboard box, sprayed black. I printed out the Orcland Raider logo and pasted it to the box, a couple of tooth picks are stuck in to hang the scores from and then the metal plates with the scores are actually plastic card.

Incredibly simple but a cool addition.

Also my Orc Coach model arrived a few days back and I have been slowly painting him up. I love the model especially the coat.

So here I am - Coach Bullcher in all my glory. I have finally made in to the touchline.

I trust that I will be a true inspiration for the next Raiders match.

The funny thing is that he is the largest model that I have painted in a while :-)


  1. scoreboard is a great addition - well done lad.
    your games are gonna look smashing - make sure to get some proper pics with the full pitch and extras :)

  2. Awesome scoreboard!
    I love having themed sideline figures for my teams too :-)
    Now you need some Orc cheerleaders!