Sunday 26 January 2014

Dugout Progress

Last night I took the plunge and delved deep into the garage to find the Ork bits boxes. You just never know what is going to be in  there. Whilst I was at it I went way back in time to also find the Necromunda bits box. Success all round.

So much stuff to sift though. Brought back great memories. I do like a bits box or two.

I found a neat water barrel for the 'Reserves' area.

For the 'KO'd' area I found that rat I was looking for, and he fits under the table nicely, and a really old snotling model to chase him with a stick :-)

And for the 'Dead' area, a really neat find was a goblin to carry Mc Mournings knifes.

I am getting really excited at the prospects evolving here.

I have started on a tiled floor for the Dead area. I used the paving slab layout on my patio as the template. I drew the whole thing out and have then cut where the grout might be.

Starting to get really fiddly - I may be a bit too ambitious here ..... but lets see.


  1. Great project its coming along nicely

  2. It's positively become an all singing and dancing diorama!

  3. Wonderful! I do love a distraction and this promises to be one of the best!

  4. love the amount of hobby you guys are putting into this league of yours.