Sunday 5 January 2014

Blood Bowl Skaven

Project Skaven has begun ...

At the moment I am painting and basing what I have got in the way of models. Research yet to be done. But what I have learned from the Ors is that it is important to field your potential match winners early so that they may gain SPP's. I have just painted what I have and there are a few more Linemen on the painting tray.

I think that the Gutter Runners are important. They are the match winners. I always loved the Rat Ogre and as I have learned 'you got to pick up the ball' so a Thrower looks likely.

It will be a vanilla team. I think this means that I need to field as many players as possible with 'skills'.

Nuffle I need you now - are you hearing me?


  1. To quote the inimitable Roland Rat, "Yeahhhhhh Kevin!"

  2. gutter runners are the most annoying model in blood bowl IMO. even more so than Wardancers. get them skills early. take all 4 at the start. get the rat ogre later when funds are available. you will still need to take 2 blitzers for the early block skill.