Monday 27 January 2014

Spikey bits and paint for the Dugout

Well the 'dugout' is coming along nicely. I thought the time was right to add some spiky bits - lumps of metal and other odds and sods.

I went for some protruding girders and then put three symbols at the back - the skull being the Dead area, the spanner being 'KO'd' / under repair and the remaining symbol bring the standard 'up for a fight' type found in most orc armies is for 'Reserves'.

I went for a stone floor in the centre, a sawdust / sand type in the Dead area and I have left the reserves alone.

The next thing to do was to get some paint on there.

So what colour does an Orc like - well red of course - makes them go faster.

I applied a dull red to the whole thing. The aim will be for the features to be eye catching against this flat background.

A 'dirty' yellow is the main Raider colour so it is applied to the features.

I also applied some base colour to the 'furniture'.

I still have work to do with washes and highlights. I also have some models to paint - the rat and the snotling in particular.

I ordered a 'coach' model from Heresy and it has arrived. I love his coat! Well as it represents me - 'my' coat ;-)

I have yet to assemble and paint but am looking forward to that.

I could also do with some cheerleaders - but that will have to wait. I am not really liking the the standard orc models but am keeping my eyes open on ebay in case something comes along.

Roll on this Sunday for the Skaven v's The Undead. The Dark Templar has been busy with his own project dugout. I am very impressed. I am certain this will be looking outstanding on the day. I just hope he gets the chance to try out all the areas - especially the 'Dead' area - lol.


  1. really nice dude - will make your games very good looking!

    1. Its been great fun and no mistake. Roll on Sunday.

  2. That's all coming along rather splendidly!

    1. Ha ha - wait till you see it in the flesh - at its Orcy, gaudy best.

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  4. I love the fact that the Reserves box looks like a 'Green Room' lol.

    You have yours painted already – I need to get my skates on!