Tuesday 28 January 2014

Dugout in position

Over night I managed to get some paint on the rat and snotling so that everything associated with the dugout has some paint on it now.

This is it in position with the Skaven running out onto the field of play. Referee to the left - he he - he needs to watch his step, having sent off one of the Skaven in the last game!

I have been working on a tiled floor and this is now in the Reserves area. Its basically a piece of card with squares drawn on to it and then painted. It was very fiddley and took ages.

Anyway I am happy with it as it stands.

I still have lots to do it terms of washes and highlights. I will work on these over the next few evenings and it will be ready for Sunday. Lets hope I have no cause to use it!


  1. dugout looks great pal, next up a skaven dugout?
    maybe with custom turn & reroll tracks? scatter template? etc.

    lots of NAF tournaments give away free laminated paper dugouts, lots of great ideas there - however my favourite is the dugout my friend helped me make for my Insane Goblin Posse team.

  2. The dugout looks brilliant. Great job