Friday 17 January 2014


Well tomorrow is the big day. We have a visit from the Dark Elf Darkblades in the morning. Preparations are going well and my Boomtown Rats are numbered and ready.

Bearing in mind the dirty fouling tactics adopted in the first Darkblades game I thought it best to bring in a referee. She would be perfect but ... they don't make her for Blood Bowl :-(

Yet another visit to ebay and I found one. A dwarf. He arrived at lunch time so I have quickly thrown some paint on him and he is starting to come together.

When he first emerged from the pack it was hard to see what I was going to do with him. He is so small.

I had a look at the Games Workshop site and found this.

A stunning paint job. How do people achieve such excellent results on such small models? I am 'Impressed' of Tunbridge Wells!