Tuesday 25 February 2014

A new adventure - Aetherium

For some time now there has been a project brewing. The Dark Templar has been directly involved and as such I have been on the edge of what has been happening. It is very exciting to be so close to something new.

For full details it is worth taking a look at A Gentleman's Ones

I have been given the honour of helping to give some feedback on some of the test models. What a joy, what a joy. Can I start by saying how impressed I am by the quality of thought that has gone into this project. To me it feels entirely new and different. The models themselves have been beautifully crafted and I think will appeal to a wide variety of people.

There are machines, military types, urban hooligans and some lovely female models.

I was delighted when the postman delivered the package yesterday. Couldn't wait to open it and gets my hands on the miniatures themselves. They are 28mm, resin models. Some are complete and others require a small amount of assembly.

First off I gave them a wash in soapy water to help remove any residue. Then I left them to dry off and examined them more closely. They are beautiful!

I thought that I would start with the Nanomi. I like the young, urban feel to them and the greens and blues with a splash of red should be great on the models.

My first thought is to move away from the 'brown earth and green tuft of grass' type basing that I have used consistently, forever. This has got to feel different. I am going to go with slabs and sand on a concrete type colour. A big departure for me but after all the recent terrain building I am feeling confident.

I plan to take my time so decide to assemble three models and then work on them together. 4 slabs was too much so I tried 2 on the outside models. An improvement.

I love the female model in the middle and decide that she will be the first to receive paint. In the game she is part of a Subroutine of Riot Girlz as is the female model on the left. The guy on the right is part of a Subroutine called the Picketers. No doubt they are at the anti establishment end of the scale. They have real 'attitude' in their stance. Love it!

There is tremendous detail on the model. She even has a small vest showing beneath her top. And she is sexy too. Boobs and ass are great without being over done. I should say it has been made clear that these are very early test models and some are in need of a little green stuff here and there, but that is ok.

I smoothed out the neck and shoulders and was ready to go.

The amount of green stuff required was tiny and I used a cocktail stick in the application. Worked out a treat in the end.

Then the painting began. This in Nanomi Riot Girl 1. Looking all mean and moody.

And then Nanomi Riot Girl 2, just with base colour - lots to do.

And the Nanomi Picketer also with base colour and lots to do.

The remaining models are on the side and I am promising myself to do them a faction at time and resist the temptation to rush in and start on them all at once. (Who said - 'resistance is futile'?)

Its going to be fun.

Note - artwork and miniatures are the copyright of Anvil 8 Games www.anvil-eight.com

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