Friday 7 February 2014

A brand is born - The Boomtown Rats

That old Dark Templar has been at it again and this time we have a Skaven logo to introduce. I give you the Boomtown Rats. I really have to sort out my Captain and call him 'Bob'.  lol.

Well lots has been going on at this end. I have paid another visit to ebay and had two more deliveries today. I do like the postman. We are getting on famously. I even have some bids on other items. Oh - it is going to be so fun revealing all.

The Dugout is coming along fine. I paid another visit to Hobbycraft today and made some purchases so all going well tomorrow will be productive! Especially as the weather is supposed to be terrible - rain, rain, rain. At least it is good for the hobby.

I got the old Astro Granite out today the the Rats have been out scurrying about getting used to the feel of the place.

You see what I mean - this is their surface. Enough of all that grass and sunlight.

Bring on the weekend and I might even get some paint on that Dugout.

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