Sunday 2 February 2014

All Hail the Conquering Undead

It has been coming and today saw the Dark Templar do 'the business' with the Gravesend Gutchewers. A lot of research had been done and his 'new look' side with 4 ghouls proved to be a force on the Blood Bowl table. It was a hard fought encounter, very tactical and the Undead snuck out with a 2-1 victory.

I thought I had done enough in the second half to get the draw but it was not to be! I applied so much pressure that I got the ball back with 3 turns to go. It was amazing. On the final turn I only needed to make two 3+ Dodge rolls to make it into the end zone where I would be open to receive the scoring throw but even with my re-roll I failed, tripped up and fell flat on my face. So cruel! So Blood Bowl!

I was present at the game in the form of my new 'coach' model. Very funny - on the touchline, pointing out what needed to be done. I even intimidated the ref, I think ;-). No sendings off this game. I also used Maximus and the Rat as 'Turn' and 'Score' markers. I do love Maximus!

The new terrain was looking good. Both Dugouts in place and the Scoreboard. It really added to the atmosphere. (Obviously - you have to ignore the mug of tea and empty glass of diet coke and all the paperwork)

On the up side I rolled a double 5 for a new skill on my Skaven Blitzer so I can pay a visit to the mutation table. Horns looks a likely candidate and this will really set 'Bubonost Tumor' (I think we will call him 'Bubo' for short) up well for the next game. I can add '1' to his strength when I am Blocking. This will mean that I can have a 2 dice block when one to one with most players.

During the game my Apothecary saved Plagric - my skilled Gutter Runner - that was a real plus. Money well spent!

However after a manic second half with me going all out to get the ball from the Undead cage I finished the game with three in the 'Dead' zone. My Thrower, a Blitzer and a Lineman.

I was fearful that this could do some lasting damage but Nuffle (and McMouring) looked after me and only the Linemen will miss the next game. I only rolled a '1' for cash so I can't afford a replacement at this point. It would have been much worse if the Blitzer or Thrower was missing. So small mercies and all that ....

However I did get a point of 'fan factor' back. I am now back at 5.

It was a fantastic encounter. Hats off to the Dark Templar who did what was needed to win. This can be tough but he had learned a lot during the early matches and he applied the learning here!! As it happens, I have learned much from today. I now know how to go after the 'cage'. I was particularly effective in the second half - I just need to be brave and 'go for it'!! The Boomtown Rats can do it!!

'Tell me why - I don't like Mondays'


  1. 'Tell me why - I don't like Mondays'
    Very funny!
    Cracking game - many thanks sir!

    1. Well you arrived at 10am and left at 4pm so that was 6 hours!! I felt wiped out by the end. But what amazing fun. The ebb and flow - it was brilliant - thanks mate. I'll get you next time.

  2. Bad luck but it sounds like lots of fun all around. Gouls can be a real pain but with their low armour and no regen, you can target them to get them off the pitch early.

    One point - you roll for your 'Dead' injuries as they happen. That way you know if its a Badly zHurt or Miss Next Game, and can save you Apoth for those crippling or fatal injuries.

    Looking forward to hearing about the next grudge match!

    1. Did not know that!! Makes a difference - thx for that.

    2. That ties in with things I've been hearing on a few BB podcasts – it all makes sense now!

  3. great looking game, loved the two reports.