Wednesday 26 February 2014

Goblin Orderlies in Da House!

He he - they have arrived. Another fun project to keep me occupied. Couldn't wait to get at them.

The first interesting issue is the bases. There are no good joint spots for the goblins to grab the stretcher so having separate bases just was not going to work. The whole thing would need proper pinning or a single base - maybe both.

I dug around and found something suitable.

I think it is from the Dark Angels and probably for the bikes. As you can see the models are metal (unexpected - I really need to read the small print) and that makes them quite heavy so I needed to get them well and truly stuck into position. I cut down their metal tabs to form triangles under each foot and then followed a very careful measuring exercise.

I drilled out the plastic base to insert each triangle and then used glue and green stuff to get a really solid fixing.

It worked really well however we will have to wait and see if the stretcher is going to hold or will I need to get pinning. I am suspecting the later.

The models themselves are quite good fun and a little bigger than expected. They have 'mad' facial expressions.

They are definitely bigger than my other goblins and nearly the size of the pain boy. No doubt they picked the biggest goblins for their strength ;-)

I am looking forward to painting them up.

The next big game is on Saturday - it is a rematch between the Skaven and the Dark Elves. I could do with a win and am looking forward to it. Might get some paint on them by then.


  1. That is absolutely superb! Can't wait to see them with some paint on though.

  2. lol – they may come in useful at the weekend with all those dead gutter runners!

    1. Now now - we'll have none of that thank you. However my man with the big claw we be a making a mess so they will be needed!