Friday 14 February 2014

A joyous find

I was trawling the net this morning and found this. Comixininos It really tickled my fancy and I'm sure all you blood Bowl nuts will find something of interest. They seem to do absolutely everything that a Blood Bowl fan could want. I have even seen an Orc Female Team in there. Sooooo many temptations.

This is what drew me in. Skaven Cheerleader and Bloodweiser Babe. A shock to the system early in the morning ;-), even if it is valentines.

Following a request for some close up pictures - I give you the GW Technical paints - Nurgle Rot and 'hardtop, up close and personal.

The 'hardtop is providing the shine on the surface and the Nurgle Rot is seeping out of the rear of the pipe and down the wall. There are about 5 coats to get it this green. It dries very see through.

This is also Nurgle Rot seeping through a crack in the back wall. Its all a bit of a messy goo. The broken bubbles are as a result of at least two previous layers of PVA. The cracking on the right is a result of an attempt to use PVA on a section of the wall i.e. water oozing out. It didn't really work so I painted over it.

My current painting piece is one of the skaven star players. I managed to pick him up at good value on ebay - Mr Hakflem Skuttlespike.

Its a really nice model with lots of detail. He comes with two heads, Extra arms and a prehensile tail.


  1. That goop in the pipe looks deadly - which I assume was the intention!
    As for nurgles rot, would you say it has value over just really thinned green paint? It's supposed to have some "sheen" to it I think??

    1. I am not impressed - at least not on this scale. Perhaps it has use on smaller models when you want to se what is under it. It dries out to a very thin consistency with a slight sheen. The tutorial made the crater look great but ...

    2. Sounds to me like you'd have been better mixing some green paint with PVA glue.

    3. such a shame - the agrellan earth and the nitrious oxide look really fantastic. sorry for the poor advice!

    4. Not poor advice at all - you just have to try things. Advice is great all round my friend and I thank you for it.