Friday 21 February 2014

Orc Painboy

I have been working on the Orc Painboy. It is a really cool model with lots and lots of detail. I think I will be working on it on and off for some time but he is coming along nicely.

I struggled to get a decent photo of him because of the position of the right arm. It casts half his body in shadow.

I love all the knives and scissors and various other 'medical' devices he has about his person.

I have gone with a white head piece and mask in the hope that it will tie in nicely with the goblin orderlies, when they arrive.


  1. He looks the part!

    I noticed that you managed to blog more posts in two months this year than the entirety of any previous year – congrats!!

    1. lol - its mad isn't it? But great fun. A bit of long distance fun poking ;-)

  2. Very cool. Well done on the post count as well :D

    As for photo's you need lamps from various directions to help with the shadows

  3. Lamps - good idea. I wonder if my new daylight lamp will help? I never thought to try. I will have a go and see if it improves. Thanks.