Tuesday 4 February 2014

Claw Conversion Skaven Blitzer

I got to thinking that 40k had quite a variety of claws. I have a couple of Chaos armies. My most recent is a Slaneesh force of 2000 - 3000 points : -

However my first love going way back in time is my Khorne army. I have several thousand points worth over many editions of the game. I love the way the Bloodletters changed, and I mean completely changed which each new issue. Khorne were my second army to ever play in tournaments and I loved them so. Many a great tale to tell!!

What this means is that I have a very decent Chaos bits box and surely it must have a claw or two for me to consider.

I got to thinking that I want something properly large and in your face. Something I would be happy to take a Mummy or Orge apart with. So off I go to the garage. Fingers crossed that I can find something suitable.

Then I got to thinking that I would be cutting up my Blitzer model. I quite like him. Should I be thinking ebay and buy another model instead. I went and got a cup of tea and then ............ copped myself on. Back in my Necromunda days I never had these thoughts. We played. we changed weapons in between games and played again. Hands and arms being chopped off weekly. Smacked myself on the back of the head and away to the garage. Its a game to be played!!

Happy, happy look what I found!

A proper big claw!! There were a couple of much smaller alternatives but this is a great OTT option. I am just going to love it the first time I decapitate some poor unfortunate Dark Elf with this baby!!

It is big so I will need to work out a good clean joint and give it a strong pin. I am not known for my pinning but in this case, needs must. I am going to go for the right arm and have it sticking out in front. I think the elbow will probably make the best joint option.

Ha ha - proper job!

I plan to get some green stuff on the upper arm so that it is more in proportion (as if proportion was the issue - snigger). Then maybe it can be fur to the elbow and god knows what I will do for the claw itself. Should I go purples and pinks to honour Slaneesh? Emmmm. A dark purple would help knock back the scale of the claw - lets see.

Blood bowl is an amazing sport - to think just a couple of games could bring on such an extreme mutation. Only in Blood Bowl ;-) I wonder if it happened over night? Old 'Bubo' went to bed one night and when he went to scratch his nose in the morning he got a huge surprise - lol.

Well after a little painting he is starting to look like this: -

And from the side: -

A weapon to stike fear into the heart of any opponent! Snap, snap - your going down Darkblades! Bubo is comin to get ya!! Can't wait to get him in play.


  1. Looks good – though I can't believe you cut up one of your irreplaceable models!

    That claw also paints a very big target on his back now!

    1. He was my fav! But he has evolved so I felt I had to go with the flow :-)

  2. He looks great, the only problem is now when you start all over again ;-)
    Magnets have become very popular for teams that can take mutations.

    1. That is a cool idea. The Dark Templar has had a go with them on some vehicles. Swapping guns etc. I will definitely have a look at magnets. Thanks.

    2. That's going to have to be a weeny magnet!

    3. Plastic bits are your friend at that point. Metal bits are too heavy for weeny magnets

    4. I was thinking the same thing – looks like you're going to have to buy a plastic daemon prince kit or the like.

  3. Very cool! I love customised models.

    Dont worry about your next team - after a few games with a claw toting Storm Vermin you'll want one in every Skaven team you coach!