Monday, 10 February 2014

Skaven Scoreboard

I spent some time yesterday working on a scoreboard for the Skaven. The Orc Scoreboard that I made earlier was really basic. (A cardboard box with two cocktail sticks) It looks good on the playing field but is very basic. This time I want to be able to have the team names and scores on something more traditional.

The Dark Templar has very kindly sorted me out with a logo for the Rats so - time to put it good use.

I printed it out to the size that I wanted and then used it to set the scale for the rest of scoreboard. I used a piece of cardboard (a pizza box) and then cut out holes for where the team names and scores would go. The cutting mat is new and really useful. I was getting tired of making a mess on the newspapers. I was ending up with bits of paper everywhere in tiny triangles, very messy. I even purchased a steel ruler and this is great to run the blade along. No more shaving pieces off the plastic ruler. The Rats logo will be in the square on the left.

Once this was done I constructed  a framework behind the holes so that I could insert cards with the names and scores. I used plastic card for this as it is more rigid. To be honest I should have done something very simple but got really caught up in it and it is way too complicated. It works - thats the main thing! But I have learned a lesson - keep it simple stupid.

Here it is in all its glory. As you can see I went with the logo colours of black and red. Lets hope that the scoreline reflects the next match ;-)


  1. Very nice - well done sir!

    However, the score is a little optimistic!

    1. Lol - I expect to score at least three - so lets see what your elves can do.

  2. Really like that you can slip in the names of the opposing teams :)

  3. That looks superb Bull, but what happens when you put 10 past the Dark Blades?

  4. Awesome and inspiring stuff!