Saturday 7 December 2013

Bottomless garage

Ok - so I have a lot of 'stuff' in the garage. In fact I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to miniatures but still it is nice to find stuff that you have forgotten about. The latest find ....

The 'Reikland Reavers' if I recall correctly. Again it was one of my very first set of models to own. The arts of applying highlights and washes had still to be discovered but they were a lot of fun to play.  The elves were masters of the throwing game.

This week also saw me getting back to some painting. I just had to have a play with the Deathroller. What a great model. I have got some base colour on him and he is starting to look good.

Finally I spent quite a few hours working on my Warhammer Empire army. I can confirm that keeping an army of metal and plastics in a 'tray like ' box can be fatal. My wife dropped the box a couple of years back and the metal models made mess of their plastic counterparts. It took me a while but I managed to get the arms, heads, and bodies back into some kind of playable condition.

The thing about Warhammer is the fact that there are soooooo many models. When I first started to collect them I started painting the Spearmen. I really enjoyed it, especially choosing the colours. I went for the green and red combination which looks good on the battlefield.

I like the flags in particular. They really add something to the unit and needless to say the trays are essential for moving so many models!

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