Saturday 14 December 2013

Orcland Raider Lineup

Coach Bullcher has been considering the wide variety of options available and has come up with the following preliminary lineup for a 1,000k game. I will be initially playing a team of Undead but I am not allowing this to effect my choice. I am trying to put together a fun team that could play all comers.

Orc Team Lineup

40k = 1 Goblin
70k = 1 Thrower
320k = 4 Black Orcs
320k = 4 Blitzers
110k = 1 Troll
120k = 2 rerolls

980k Total

The thinking is that I want to play something with character and I am liking the idea of a Troll. I know he can be unreliable but I am willing to give it a go. I think that there needs to be a Goblin in the lineup to support the Troll option and he also gives some alternative tactics to fox the opposition. The Throwers is a no-brainer. After this its a bit of a free for all. I can afford 4 Black Orcs and 4 Blitzers and I am thinking this should be a powerful combination.

I welcome any thoughts on these choices. Thanks all.


  1. I am not a huge fan of the troll, but I get your wanting to have him. His extra strength does help but he does require a lot of babysitting. My biggest suggestion would be to avoid throwing blocks with him as much as possible, unless they are 3 dice. Use him as a road block where his S5 will come in handy. That being said you gotta take a goblin if you take the troll because it forces your opponent to worry about throwing the goblin. Remember you can throw the goblin without carrying the ball and no matter what the result, it's not a turnover - can be handy to put some early pressure on someone late in the game (I would not recommend doing this early on)

    After that just focus on getting blocks with your blitzers first, then black orcs. Try to keep your cage a mix of the 2. If you are just playing around - then buy an asst coach and a cheerleader with that remaining 20k to potentially get extra rerolls on kick off results of 6 & 8 (+1 on a d3 is huge) - if you were starting a league though I would save that $$.

  2. You are a hero - I thank you for the advice. I am a bit of a 'balls out' player. I live for the fun and not necessarily the result. I like a good story at end. Do you live in Canada?

  3. TBH Orcs are not a very balls to the wall team - they are slow stompy steady. True balls the wall for your style would be Norse. Unfortunately going all out with a troll like that is asking for trouble - if you can't throw 3 dice block, make sure you are not blocking someone with the block skill. At least then it could be worth taking the both down for a chance to hurt someone.

    Any other questions you can find my email in my profile.

    Yes I live in Canada.