Monday 16 December 2013

Orc Blitzers

The Blitzers are what makes the Orc team tick. They are the fastest moving of the Orcs and still have a high AV. They provide the much needed balance for the team to operate.

Sarad Wolf Poker will be leading the Blitzer lineup for the Orcland Raiders. Blitzers have the following statistics MA6, ST3, AG3, AV9 and they start with the skill Block.

Their role in the team is varied. They can ball carry, dish out damage and very importantly they can run and they can catch the ball as well as anyone on an Orc team.

The Block skill is important because with a ST3 the number of dice in play is likely to be low. Block means that if the Flash & Skull symbol is rolled both players are knocked over unless you have the Block skill in which case you remain standing. When being Blocked the chances of remaining upright improve by 16.66%.

Even if the Blitzer is knocked down the high AV9 means that 2D6 > 9 is required to injure. This should make sure that the Blitzers spend good time on the pitch and not in the hospital.

Orcs can take 0-4 Blitzers at a cost of 80,000 gp. I am planning to take all 4 and see if this bevy of beasts can be the match winners I need.

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