Sunday 22 December 2013

Post Match Sequence

So we went through the 'Post Match Sequence' following the first game.


My Thrower was in the Dead / Injuries box. I rolled D68 resulting in 43 'Gouged Eye' with the effect that he misses the next game. Ouch! I will need a replacement as he is a key player with some decent skills.

Star Player Points

There were 3 Casualties during the game, 2 caused by Black Orc no. 4 'Vultog Flame Basher' and 1 by Black Orc no. 6 'Gunrukk Skull Killer' therefore they receive 4 points and 2 points each. My goblin 'Yakstick Sticky Hand' scored the only touchdown and so receives 3 points.

Most Valuable Player

Before the game we had elected the each Coach could chose their MVP resulting in the award of 5 points. It was tempting to chose one of the Black Orcs but that just would not have been fair to Yakstick who was clearly Da Man! So MVP was awarded to him.

Improvement Table

As a result gaining over 5 points in total Yakstick has moved from being a Rookie to being an Experienced player and as is entitled to an Improvement roll. Following the roll he is entitled to an extra skill. I think that Catch would be appropriate as this allows him a reroll for a failed 'hand off' and reroll for a failed 'catch'. Bound to be useful in the future.

Gaining a new skill also increases his value to the team by 20,000 gp.

Post Match Sequence

1. No players were killed.

2. Winnings - FAME and dice rolls together with the pre agreed extra cash from page 32 resulted in 160,000 gp to spend.

3. Cash Transfer - N/A at present

4. Dice rolls resulted in an improvement to the Fan Factor. It went from 5 to 6.

5. Extra players need to be purchased. I am thinking that I will need another Thrower as 'Boghat Dragon Shooter' misses the next match with a Gouged Eye. That costs 70,000 gp and I would like a team Apothecary, cost 50,000 gp. That leaves me with 40,000 gp. This could purchase me another Goblin or ....... should I save it towards the cost of another reroll?? Decisions, decisions ........ Maybe I'll save it.

6. Journeymen - N/A at present.

Spiralling Expenses

N/A at present.


So there we have it. Yakstick has a new skill 'Catch', Boghat misses the next game because of his 'gouged eye', I have employed a team Apothecary and procured the services of a new Thrower. And I have 40,000 gp in the bank.

All in a days work.


  1. Need to update the Fan Factor – although we didn't pay for the initial 5 it still adds to the value of the team, added with the additional 1 it's now worth 60k!