Tuesday 27 November 2012

Dark Angel force 1500points

Well the dust has settled and I thought I would load a picture of the brave souls who represented on Sunday.

It is a small force in terms of numbers and quite attacking minded.

I know that I should have taken a shooting army. I should have sat tight and forced the Nurgle hoard to come to me, maybe keeping a counter punch option for the hand to hand that would happen from turn 3. However I was actually quite pleased with the way the army played. I was unlucky that the Venerable Dread and the Razorback got immobilised. I will have to invest in some extra armour!!

I think the main thing for me to learn is to pick the right unit for the terminators to engage and then use the Landraider and Vindicator together to keep the rest of the army at bay. Wipe the first unit and then move on to the next. I attacked two units in my enthusiasm. I should have concentrated on wiping the Obliterators first.

I think I would also revisit the second HQ choice and the Venerable Dread. Maybe this is where the devastators come in with lots of plasma cannons.

I will say that I like the power axes very much, they proved themselves!

I will also need a plan to handle the flyer.

Now where is that rule book ...... ? I think I will need some more models to paint ;-)


  1. I hadn't realised at the time, but now that you see them together in a group it is indeed a very small army in terms of numbers.

    There's always a need for more models, I just need to learn how to paint as quickly as you ;)

    1. By the way, I did a quick calculation of your list for my latest blog post. Belial, the Deathwing and the Landraider come to a whopping 700pts almost – that's half your army right there, killed by zombies ;)

      Should have brought flamers!