Thursday 8 November 2012

Belial to lead us forth

Having done a bit of reading I really like the idea of taking Belial to lead my Dark Angel force. It will also sit well with my aim of expanding the force until I have a full Deathwing army.

My own version of him is coming along nicely. I have gone for the lightening claws option so it will be good to see him in action shredding his way through rotting Nurgle flesh. And just to get him used to the idea, I have tainted his base slightly... ;-)


  1. Looooool…

    You do like the provocative debris on the bases.

    I think you should replace his helmet with a bare head and sculpt a hood and tabard on him ;)

    Looking forward to going head to head with him!

  2. He is going to need that armour on his head so that he dosn't get infested with head lice and fleas and such like from your disgusting mob ;-)

  3. The back story to this fight is starting to ramp up nicely!

    I may have to write up a bit of an scene setting piece ;)

  4. Indeed sounds like fighting talk to me!