Saturday 3 November 2012

Dark Angel Choices

So heres the thing. I have a game coming up and I am playing about with potential Army Lists. Its a 1500 point game against a Chaos Nurgle force. I have noticed that my troop choices have 2 alternatives that add up to similar points....

Choice 1

220 pts - Tactical Squad with 10 marines, plasma cannon, melta gun, melta bombs, power fist (25pts). If I leave out the power fist it works out at 195 pts.

Choice 2

190 pts - Tactical Squad with 5 marines, melta gun, melta bombs and a Razorback with a twin linked Lascannon and storm bolter.

I have not played much in the last 4 years. Prior to that, I loved the 5 man squads. I like the twin linked lascannon giving 2 chances to hit and also the ability to use the vehicle as mobile terrain. The question is, will the greater troop numbers in the 10 man squad make them worthwhile. They will have greater staying power and thats a lot of bolter shots. Anyone got any thoughts at all??


  1. An interesting dilema!

    Despite being the opponent in this upcoming game and have an invested interest in which route you go I think I'll throw my penny's worth in.

    The razorback give you transport and improved movement, it gives you some armour cracking ability too. With no flak options in the DA codex it also gives you the best chance to take down flyers as it is twin linked and high strength. should you be facing an all troop army it's roll will be very limited however.

    The larger unit gives you greater firepower against said troop army but limits your movement. Were we to play the objectives missions that come with 6th edition, rather than our mission of choice - kill everything, then the larger unit would give you a bettr chance of holding onto objectives.

    At the end of the day it comes down to wha their role will be in the game.

  2. I Agree with what DT says, You need to think about what role the unit will do, if you lose it what would it prevent you from doing?

  3. Thanks guys. That has really got me thinking. Static v's movement. Where should I mass the troops and where will I need movement. Emmm.