Saturday 10 November 2012

Command Squad

Well I have been looking at the Dark Angel command squad. You can take one for every Independent Character in the army. They are basically Veterans but have the advantage of being fearless. They are 105 points v's 100 pts for the Veterans and the weapons upgrades are different. The command squad may also take the Company Banner which allows units within 12" to reroll Morale and Pinning tests. This costs 10 pts. (Interesting when combined with the Rites of Battle rule allowing all units to use Belial's leadership of 10 for Morale, Pinning or Leadership test)

I think that it will be good to take a command squad, the issue will be to plan its use and equip them accordingly....

The 'shooting' option does not give good range options. 2 x Meltaguns at +10 pts per model looks the best, It is also possible to take plasma pistols at +15 pts per model but the whole 'gets hot' special rule is a bit of a turn off. I have been the wrong side of it too often. To be considered though for its AP2, S7.

The other option is to go full out 'hand to hand' and make use of the power weapons. I can include 2 at a cost of +15 pts. So all the squad would go pistols and chain swords with the upgrade of 2 models to power weapons. In the latest rules there are still decisions to be made, power swords v' power axes. Power weapons have also acquired an AP value and some special rules.

The standard position is power sword S of user (4 in my case) and AP3 (good against marines) where as the power axe is S+1 (5 in my case) and an AP of 2 (good against terminators) but 'unwieldy', goes at Initiative step 1.

So I need to decide which power weapon to take, is it worth taking plasma pistols, if so do I split them up and go power weapon + bolt pistol or put them together and go power weapon + plasma pistol. And what happens if I put a standard bearer in the group. How many attacks does he get in hand to hand.

I have some reading to do....

All thoughts / advice welcome.

PS - I have had an email from Forgeworld, It confirms that the Venerable One has been dispatched and is in the post.....


  1. I'm assuming you read Belial's entry which states he makes all Terminators troop choices and that one such unit can take Apothecary and Standard Bearer upgrades.

  2. No, no - I had not spotted that !!!!!!

    Oh god, more reading needed....

    I have been assembling and painting all kinds of models today and now i thinking I will need a rethink. On the upside I bought the painting Games workshop book today and am impressed, a lot.

    Lets see what tomorrow brings.

    1. The devil's in the details!

      Don't be going all "Andy Halls" on me now - you have to read beyond the first sentence ;)

  3. Have done some reading and the Deathwing Company Standard is also an interesting thing. Rerolls for failed morale and pinning tests but in addition all models in the unit add +1 to their attacks characteristic!