Friday 9 November 2012

Lighting the fires

Encountering (and wiping out!! and OK I had a few more models than I should have and it was a barren table ....) a Nurgle scouting team could only mean one thing, more would follow....

Belial knew that flames alone would would not be sufficient to lay low the Nurgle scum. He eyed up the options available and was drawn to Demolisher Cannon mounted on the great Vindicator. He knew that this would vaporise all before it, a smile creased his face as a plan hatched.......

Strength 10, AP 2 and Ord. 1 Large Blast. Now that could deal with T5 Nurgle, even in terminator armour. Even if it misses the 2D6 scatter is reduced by the BS of 4 so nearly bound to hit something and instant vaporisation!!! The range of 24" may be an issue but lets face it the Nurgle scum have to come to the Dark Angels so let them and they will die.

And for those following I can confirm that Belial is in fact a good looking, blonde gent!!

Bring on the Death and Disease for we have made our preparations.

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