Wednesday 7 November 2012

Searching for a Dark Angels leader

I have been doing some reading online to review options for leadership and came across this image of Beliel.

He looks like he could lead you through hell and back :-) Sword of Silence = master crafted, power sword, yum. (He can also take twin lightening claws - extra attack, ignores armour saves, and re-roll to wound dice. That is 3 basic attacks, +1 to charge, +1 for pair of claws = 5 attacks with a WS of 5)

Upon investigation I find that there is no model for Beliel. I find this quite amazing!! He is also cheap with a points value of 130! This is less than an Interrogator Chaplain in terminator armour at 145 points (120 + 25 for the TA) I know the equipment is better for the Chaplain but.....they have the same basic stats.

Now also interesting is that each character in an army gets the option to take a command squad. But there does not appear to be an option to put them in Terminator Armour. How will that work in a Deathwing army?

Lots to ponder on here.


  1. Don't forget that in 6th Edition close combat weapons now have AP values. Lightning Claws (and I think Power Swords) are AP3 so Terminators (and similar) will still get their 2+ save.

    I believe he has a model coming with the new codex.

  2. Well that is a big difference. Its hard to keep up with the changes. No doubt the FAQ will help. It is painful that the the rules are so hard to interpret. I have no clue where we are. even after online reading. Gamesworkshop need to sort this out!

  3. Well now I have had a look in 40k rulebook - you are correct.

    I also see that power swords, axes and mauls are different. Power sword is AP 3 whereas the axe is AP 2 but unwieldy. Lightening claws are AP 3 and have the shred special rule which confers the re roll to wound characteristic.

    The chainsword is AP -. What does that mean?

    1. AP- means you get your armour save if you have one.

      The Axe has become like a Power fist (strikes last) but it's +2 Str instead of double and you don't need two of them to get the extra attack. Mauls are AP4 and can stun the opponent making them WS1 (I think).

      Belial is great for the price but not as effective in 6th Edition as previously:

      Against a Nurgle Chaos Terminator Lord (who's called him out in a challenge!) He gets 4 attacks (doesn't get one for charging as I have blight grenades) hitting on 4+ and wounding on 5+ with re-rolls. Any that get through I have a 2+ save against.

      The whole DA army will get much better in their new codex (if rumours are to believed).

  4. I was reading about challenges last night and you can only challenge a unit, not an individual in the unit and there is also the nice touch that you get a re roll for every 5 cheering you on. I like the thought :-)