Sunday 11 November 2012

Painting the Dark Angels

I have been doing a lot of building and painting trying to give myself loads of options and I want to have the models suitably geared. I found myself in need of some new paints and brushes so I paid the local Gamesworkshop a visit.

They have some very useful new painting guides.

I picked up a Dark Angels card: -

And I also bought the Painting Guide. I really like the way it stands up beside you while painting and there are some large scale photos which really helps explain what is being described in the written piece.

Well worth a look. 

I have numerous models that are coming along nicely and I am hoping to get them to a playable standard by the this evening. The base troops for my Tactical Squad are nearly there as are the Power Sword, Power Axe and Plasma Pistol options for the Command Squad.


  1. Looking good!

    You seem to be building an entirely new army for this game - lol

  2. Its funny, because when I review the models I used before they come up short. No power weapons / plasma pistols and I seem to need quite a few more models because of the larger squads. I used to play the sergeants with either bolters or power fists.

    Also I am enjoying it and I have the models, so why not build them.

    I am still useless at painting tabards though!