Sunday 2 December 2012

Rebuilding the lines

Belial survived the onslaught, only just!! The hospital would be busy for some time getting him back on his feet.

Attacks from the sky had taken him be surprise. The Helldrake had poured flames on the troops who had no defence. If they did not die instantly, which most did, they remained on fire into the next phase. Troops teleporting into the middle of the battle caused chaos!! What to do ... ?

The orders went out, rebuild the lines ......

Fraiel had been commended following the recent battle. He had stood firm against Typhus, his power axe slicing through the beasts defences. He knew what was needed and called for the deployment of a Quad-gun behind Aegis Defences Lines.

This would help to balance the battle and offer real threat to any flying beasts. R48", Str 7, AP 4, Heavy 4, Twin-linked, Interceptor, Skyfire. 4 twin-linked shots!! This has the ability to cause several glancing hits in a single round. It can also fire at any units arriving as reserves provided they are in range and has line of sight.

The Aegis Defence lines provide 4 long and 4 short defence line sections.  They are treated as 'battlefield debris' giving a 4+ cover save to all models within 2". Cost is a mere 50pts! The Quad Gun also has a cost of 50pts. This feels like value to me.

And ... of course ... provides me with a few new models to paint ;-)


  1. I wouldn't rely on it to bring it down every game, but it will defiantly help.

    And next time don't assault his cultists ;)

  2. Thanks - your right about the cultists, a complete waste of points!!