Tuesday 11 December 2012

The pull of the dark side

Fraiel had performed well in the recent battle. It was he who had stood longest against Typhus. It was he who had penetrated the Typhus defence to deliver two shattering blows. He alone had the honour of wearing the bleached bone helm and he had lived up to this.

However deep down something had awoken. It was as if part of Typhus had had reached out to him and somehow wormed its way into his soul. He found himself having nightmares and blood drenched urges. He exchanged his Power Axe for a set of Lightening Claws so that he could be in the thick of the action.

He knew that something was wrong.....all he wanted to do was find the next fight and draw blood.

His mind drifted to the Fallen.....could there be a connection?

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  1. Another upgrade!

    …and who is that curious fellow in the background? ;)

    It's a slippery slope!