Thursday 20 December 2012

The Dark Angels are coming

So the new White Dwarf has leaked and OMG!! (Faeit 212: Warhammer 40k News & Rumours)

I am going to be a busy boy in the new year. Models available from Saturday Jan 12th is the word.


  1. Flying Aquila's FTW.. oh and cowled terminators with maces and shields to go against cannons and lasers... always a good choice ;) And yet I will get both in triplicates :(

  2. oooo very nice. If I hadn't of read the Horus Heresy books I don't think I'd of ever taken to the DA for some reason there past makes them so much more interesting to me now.

  3. lol - oh the new year will be excellent. Can't wait to see the rules and the points costs etc. A new world is opening up!!